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    Earthlands Collective Project

    Earthlands Collective Project

    A Message from Dr. Larry Buell, Founder, Earthlands and the University of the Wild.

    Earthlands is alive and well, but there are soon to be some changes.  The Earthlands non-profit Board of Directors and myself are seeking empowered and inspired individuals to continue progress at Earthlands by purchasing land with intent to continue manifesting the collective vision of many at Earthlands.

    News from Larry Buell

    News from Larry Buell

    Friends of Earthlands,

    At some cosmic level we know we are here for a “specific purpose”. For some reason, many never get a clear picture of what their “specific purpose” or Soul’s Purpose” is, so they spend a lifetime, metaphorically, “lost in a wilderness” trying to find their purpose.

    This whole transfer of Earthlands to new ownership, leadership, and management and an experience I had last evening reminded me of what my “specific life purpose” continues to be…….


    Land Trust & Stewardship

    Land Trust & Stewardship

    Learn more about Earthland’s campaign to secure the protection and stewardship to keep the land in perpetuity through the formation of a Land Trust.

    Upcoming Events

    News Blog

    Keep Earthlands Alive! with Our Land Trust Campaign - Happening Now...






    For over twenty-five years Earthlands has been offering a broad range of programs and services for a variety of populations from children to seniors and from rural to urban. To expand our work, through the innovative University of the Wild higher education project and the Earthlands Program Center, we are placing the Main Lodge and surrounding acreage into a public land trust. This will ensure that Earthlands will be sustainable, relevant, and protected in perpetuity – thus, this Capital Campaign!

    The Mission of the Earthlands Land Trust is to protect, preserve, steward land
    and property for Earth-centered education, ceremony, wildlife protection,
    and open space”.


    The Earthlands Land Trust has two phases:

    Phase I – The Land.

    The 47.8 acres of open meadow, pasture, and forestland that surrounds the Main Lodge shall move from private ownership into trust, to be stewarded and protected in perpetuity for use for education, ceremony, wildlife protection, and open space.

    The land, to be held in public trust, is the essence of Earthlands for it holds the stories of the wisdom of the ages and supports the people and the wildlife.

    Fund Raising GOAL.…….$ 150,000

    “…the ecology of Earthlands is amazing…wide range of wildlife, plants, and habitats exist.” Cathy Pedevillano, Program Leader

    Phase II – Lodge and Outbuildings.

    The Main Lodge, the retreat cabins, and the Earthstory campsite shall be preserved for use by the University of the Wild and the Program Center. The Lodge shall be improved to a “Green Building Status”, with a reduced ecological footprint, in-line with our mission. The land will undergo an improved garden design and heightened aesthetics.

    The jewel of Earthlands, the Main Lodge, serves those who come onto the land for renewal, learning and transformation.

    Fund Raising GOAL………$ 250,00

    “…this lively place, suffused with creative and visionary energy
    …there is much to learn here…and much to discover within one’s self.”
    Conway School of Design’s Master Plan for the Future, 2010

    Following the successful campaign, Earthlands core shall be owned and managed by the Institute for Environmental Awareness, Inc., founded in 1973 and the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit, educational parent corporation of Earthlands. The public land trust shall assure that the vision of Earthlands is held in perpetuity within a public institution and that the heart of Earthlands – the land and the buildings, is protected for all to use in the future.

    Total Fundraising GOAL……. $400,000*

    *Price based on a 2012 certified Real Estate Appraisal


    Goals and Components of the Fundraising Campaign

    Since the beginning of Earthlands on January 23, 1993, the Buell Family, owners of the property, has offered to sell the property to a land trust, but until now the financial and organizational support to make it happen was unavailable.

    Today, however, our GOALS can be realized:

    • The Land is being removed from private ownership
    • Earthlands programs will be financially sustainable
    • Decisions are made in a collective “Wisdom Council” way
    • A wider group of “Stakeholders” is committed and engaged

    The Earthlands Land Trust Fundraising Campaign is employing the best of the contemporary strategies for funding and approaching both, small “grassroots” contributors and large corporations and foundations.

    Four major sources of funds for the Campaign are:

    • A Crowdfunding Kickstarter-type Program
    • Membership and Group Appeals
    • Special Donor Requests and Events
    • Foundation, Government, and Corporation Grants

    To donate to the 2013 Land trust campaign please give via Paypal (below) or DOWNLOAD OUR DONATION FORM.

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